Tuesday, February 28, 2012

the second recovering of "commercial video shoot"

So what? I've been out of luck again and again. As the mentioned title I lost my composed entry!!!! Which was I drafted it yesterday becos I just didn't want to publish yet. Good deed won't last but unfortunate deed follows you always and just will never fade away :X

I'm extremely in ruined luck today.

I typed it as unusual long you know!

Fed up already.

So I think I'm just gonna deemphasize and sketch this in a light shades will do :( So last Godknowstheamount days, we went for a shooting for the company which I am having internship at. The video shooting was for commercial purpose, to disclaim first, any copyright reserved by the company, FTG Media Sdn. Bhd.

Back to weeks ago, I was really brooding about the proposal so hard. How ridiculous was I self-thought-we-are-international-professional-team to make the video theme to likelihood the 2012 movie, where melee in streets. But wtf how could I do that? So the plan was officially backed down RIP wtf.

In that dying limbo, cos it was really urgent and for God's sake we saw a video clip from youtube. I guessed it's a Taiwan's production namely 愛. So my friend proposed to me to have such theme as background and I suddenly hit upon an inspiration!

We could name that "Love Is Everywhere"

Oh ya that was how the shoot got started.

Finally I remember that was a sunny Sunday I sacrificed my only offday and woke up at like 10am? SUPER EARLY wtf and helped one of the 'actors' aka 'model' on a hairdo and rushed very best to the studio.

Just before going, brian struck so sudden I noticed I'd forgotten to create the love shape board. Shit just got real like this. How brilliant was we only used 15mins to do that! Everything seemed to be just perfecto.

p/s these photos were taken by instagram.

the love shape that we used 15mins wtf to do.

auspicious it was just lovely :)) *wipes off the sweat*

The little stars of the day and gave well cooperation.

Here we started the first scene. Things just gone out off hands and a tad awkward.

Getting adapted into it.

taking rest likeanaunty with the 'maid'.

I swear she gon' be mad with this!! haha


Appreciation lunch from Domino Pizza.

savoring refreshment.

I was in no good condition and they still forced me to take photo. Looked pale and eyes in edema :/

Lastly the photo of all the actors who helped out. Thanks a lot!!

Sorry for the really short post but I don't like to do things twice, let it go!! :'(

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