Sunday, February 26, 2012

Family day to Sugar Rae Pet Village

I bluffed, even from the first sentence cos it was actually not a family day. It already has been a tiring day since we went to a commercial shooting first in the noon. But we still had the highest spirit to visit as far as to Batu Ferringhi, merely to a pet village.

It reminded me The Smurfs dafuq cos it really looks like a pet village, literally. I nearly wanted to start singing "la la la la la la sing a happy song" already but words flow backwards into my mouth. A PARADISE!!

Namely a pet village it has really a complete basis for pets like selling, grooming, hotels.

You already have an imaginary scene in your mind dy don't you? Just about to hang on your addiction wtf. I wanna describe more first!!

Once you stepped your foot in it's already like a fairyland of joy and you wanna soak yourself with fun. I literally meant that. SO FUN even for a human.

Without any hesitation, here you go with the loads!!

This little brat wanna hang out so much recently becos it's been a long gap between the last outing so he's exceptionally excited when he saw us dolling up for the video shooting! He could barely sit his ass on the floor. HOW CUTE IS HIM!!

The main entrance of the Sugar Rae Pet Village. Now you can see the surrounding dy. Can you somehow feel a strong transparent force is soaking you and refreshing up your soul?

It looks sort of world mountain resort where to prevent you from sunstroke, suit with the weather now. You can also bring your beloved pet to relieve from summer steam now!

My god just an over exposed photo, cannot find Vinoo T.T

One of the pet owner I went with. She wanna entrust her Snowy to pet hotel. RM30 per night if I'm not wrong k?

You can find out yourself, it's located in Tanjung Bungah, somewhere near to Batu Ferringhi. 

I will post out the address on below.

Polka dot floor! Would be the love for pets though I don't know if they will see this :/ HAHA

Also, a waterfall attached beside the second entrance to the shop and hotel. Waaa, make me wanna shout PARADISE again!!


A dog's stone statue, simply match the purpose.

Met a friendly dog owner and this cute shih tzu.

The owner told her shih tzu while referring to Snowy and Vinoo "you see people so tiny but you look so fat and big"

The shih tzu heard nothing or chosen to ignore just looked around, hardly to take photo of it also.

The shop.

Grooming area with the schnauzer.

Walked through the shop and you'll get to see the pet hotel.

I think they really treat pets like children, so colorful and looks comfy right?

The area I like the most, barring the vintage red bricks, the toys for pets I guess are like treasures for kids right?

If I were still kid would probably get my utmost energy to come to this and shout play ALL the toys!!

Love it so so much :((

Bumped into a super cute poodle, he looked very excited to see us. He is extremely fat and fluffy can you see it?

If I could I'd ought to grab him and say lets go home! Melted seeing him with the major cuteness :((

Those are views inside. Now proceeding to outside, the main hub of village like I so called PARADISE.

Their playground! How happy will be if pets see this? Can already imagine they running panting-ly together, how lovely <3

Pet swimming pool. Big enough?

Colorful still.

The staircase to access to other part of 'village'. Like the tiles so much I swear I gonna do this to my future house staircase! Oh my fairyland.


Fucked up the order, this well should be putting on the second or third pic becos you see the wishing well once you passed through the main entrance.

With the words written "Pets' wishing well. Make your dreams came true" and two tiny lamp posts.

Lastly the view from upper floor.

Looking into the entrance.

Details of Sugar Rae Pet Village

Address: Sugar Rae Pet Village, 570 Persiaran Tanjung Bungah, Penang.

Contact: 04-8991246

They close on every Monday ya.


  1. Given that dogs are colourblind and probably have no concept of English grammatics, I give the writer 9 out of 10 for an informative presentation on Pets' Paradise, as he puts it. I'm pleased that Penang has such a facility. Well done to the owners.

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