Wednesday, February 8, 2012

birthday present!

Hello everyone out there, I'm writing to share with you my presents, as promised. 

My delighted yesterday was full of joyous. First I'm gonna thank to everyone who showed up their faces, I felt so loved. I did not cry, though. As some of my attended friends who could not feel my emotional touch.

It wasn't really a birthday that in my fantasyland. I've never imagined that. Most probably of those presents. I love them so much I wanna say the most. I will not letting go of any. Barring nothing, I just love all of them, including my friends, of course.

Of here, I won't post out the venue of my celebration yet, cos if so, it gonna be a looooooong post. But I will reveal a summarized photo of the restaurant, The Sire Museum, which really a comfy place to dine and drink.

Sucha awesome, undeniable.

The flow of celebration still remain fresh, actually we rambling the most. Or you can think of any new conception of celebration? I will try out on friend's coming up birthday. Okay I was too excited can say, but it wasn't a hectic night, exciting took most of the part.

The only ranted thing was I couldn't find any new suits on!!! So I looked quite old-fashioned. The weirdest thing is you trying to imitate what older generation does like putting more more mature suits on you, but by the time you getting older, you trying to get more playful, HAHA. Just like me.

Long sleeves - Topman
Belt - AX
Shorts - Topman
Socks - Uniqlo
Sneakers - Lacoste

Japan wave this time.

I know sucha statement is gonna get haters as of I posted out.

Taking into the account of giving special thanks to everyone who showed up, I'll post out the photos of us first before REALLY proceeding to presents presentation :D

Anffi Lim

Jia Shen Hoh

Hong Tat

Jolynn Khoo

Yin Yin

Yogurt Mui



Kidult Chew

NOW, it's the pressie time!!

Exciting or not!!!

Despite only two presents but I'm mad love with them!

The first, DIANA F+
OMG! How fantastic life can be with Diana Lomography?? - Super. My friend was then responded to me, since the day you started to play with lomo camera and you got Diana F+ dy! How jelly are you gonna be??

The arrogant yet elegant white, all along is one of my fav colors. With the "Diana F+" engraved on the lens cover protector as the perfectly stamp mark.

It has two guide books, warranty card, and a super nice sort of diary which jotted down all the sample pics of Diana F+ does. OMG it's gonna be legend, nice to the max!! Can't wait to try it already! Shall post out the outcomes once I finished the film k?? The only fear is as a newbie I will simply spoil the photos :/

The second present, which I actually need it the most, card holder. My wallet is full of cards and led to extruded. So the card holder comes at the perfect timing where I can transfer most of my cards to this. How lovely it is.

Now is the color, sky blue I guess? Omg mad love. The first I got the present I smelled it to figure out if it full leather or PVC. It is calf leather omg, a bit cruel but how can you ever resist it? To search in your heart, ask yourself! It's Prada's patented leather even my old Prada is only made of nylon and a tad leather.

I feel so loved! Also, looking forward to testing out all the presents I got!

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