Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Before my birthday celebration

People beware of massive loads of photos taken, it's my big day today so I shall upload all the photo shooting which done during these few days before heading out for the celebration.

For the past birthdays they weren't so special or had to go ceremonious for me. This year is different. Much more different. Know what I'm officially 20 now! That's why I'm overtaking it ultra excitably. To celebrate the huge changes from a ten years of 1++ to TWENTY now.

I look like 17yo now, though, I know.

So for the preparation to greeting my 20th birthday, I got my hair tinted to purple wine color. Godknowswhy it eventually turned out orange and sort of reddish color.

This color.

To save your time for scrolling much, here are the photos.

WARNING: The following photos showed may be harmful to your sight.

I don't like this series of pics cos I somehow looked hideous in it. I know I'm perfectly awesome but just hated by the fact. Also, this pic couldn't show the actual color of my tinted hair so I suppose this pic is just a warming up for the maxi cuteness photo for showing up.

What surprised me the most is the second batch of photo shooting only used up like half an hour? From putting on makeup, actual shoot to editing. It took only HALF AN HOUR!

As you all can see, for my blog header, they are.

Bewildered the most is why would people say they looked like Justin Bieber?! 
YOUR ARGUMENT IS INVALID, I don't look like JB okay.

Again, hair color in this photo STILL failed to represent the actual color under the ring light so I'll be posting out how it actually looks like in the end of this post.

Yea the pic I like the most finally has its showtime. This photo was taken inadvertently cos that time I was looking at Vinoo who was trying to bite my stuff. Maxi cuteness can I say?

OMG it's 230pm now I gotta get myself prepared for the celebration so lastly I gonna list out my birthday wishes. I can get granted for three wishes la hor?

1. Stay wealthy or getting much better

2. Stay healthy

3. Wish all my friends and my family can be living happily and healthy.

Also, who hasn't wished me pls go the fuck to wish me here! HERE HERE HERE

Not forgetting, the hair color should look like this!

Photo taken at 三宝洞 in Ipoh while paying visit to XiaoLe's dwelling.

Will update again after the celebration, gonna share with you my pressies!


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