Thursday, December 1, 2011

my special fate with photoshop

I'm gonna enunciate some craps right before I reveal the magical part of photoshop has given to me.

If you really do concern about me and my life, you're most likely to know I adopted a puppy. YEAH his name is Vinoo (pronounces as V-nor), intentionally to create a name that sounds like he's my son for God's sake. HAHA Junor, Vinoo. OMG just perfectly matched to.

He costed me a great penny but adopting a puppy is for almost 15years so I'd preferably go to choice of first sight. He was so adorable you know when I first saw him! Swaying his butt while his both hands were leaning against the window.

Here's his photo!
baby Vinoo says hi!
Also, he's really getting naughtier now where sometimes really gets on my nerves but I'd never ranted towards a puppy :) That's my job to educate him well, omg I'm a daddy now!

WOOHOOO, after baby Vinoo has done from the grooming! Looks so fluffy right?

Okay, back to the topic.
Many people have said that photoshop can done nothing to them, so they claimed that other convenient apps are more preferably.


photoshop can do a lot of things for us, can really turn you from beggar to celeb!

The outcome I'm gonna reveal is as underneath.
It's an animated photo so you can see the differences.
In case you can't see it, pls kindly click on to

FYI I edited my eyes color, re-contoured my face and the shape of my head and made my nose bridge higher and longer.

Contouring and nose: go to FILTER > LIQUIFY

Eyes color: crop a pic of contact lens and drag it on top of your eyes and change from NORMAL to EXCLUSION above of your layers page.

Pic tone: go to FLITER > OTHER > HIGH PASS and select "OVERLAY" or "SOFT LIGHT"

FYI, the pic tone I taught before in this post. (CLICK HERE)



  1. cute vinoo and his owner as well, haha