Friday, November 18, 2011

I've no idea how to start this blog.

I have to sort out all the things in my mind.

There would be thousand and thousand, an endless thinking in my mind that not gonna fade away as long as I still breathe! I'd rather to sacrifice and lay down all my times on assignments which are gonna reach to the due date to blog about this, as an introduction on my colleague, even he's not NOW.(helped out at a product selling booth these two days)

So he's no longer my colleague, shall name him as ex-colleague.

You might find this post is a challenge, provoking one, but you can treat it as a joke or avert it.

First, he's 19yo, would be either younger or older than me months. I suppose he's from kay elle as he can speak damn fluently in cantonese. He's the only who did not speak english to me throughout my entire working days. He has only two credits in SPM. He doesn't further his studies, and not gonna, cos he doesn't even understand what is "certificate level" when I told him. So I guess not gonna Diploma or even Degree.

Oh ya, he did not know what is public relations, even now I guess. He stoned for decades when I told him I'm taking PR course.

And, all the above is told by him.

Second, he's a team leader at the booth who leads the promoters on sales doing. He proclaimed himself as a full-timer in that event company. I'm not gonna reveal the company's name as I love those high position holders. Also, I FUCKING love them, I've been working for them for few times. That 'ex-colleague' or known as 'little brat' is an exceptional.

Yesterday he was not at the booth, came only today as a 'team leader' I'm not sure if he really does and fulfilled his job? Read to the underneath you'll get to know.

A few things you can recognize him
1) He likes to tease Malay girls, I dunno what kind of fondness is that.
2) He likes to sing english songs in Manglish(Malaysian English) tone.
3) He likes to sing "promotion oh promotion" in an earfuck tone, some kinds of cny songs rhythm.

Okay, here comes the really bothered things.

** When he first came to the booth, he was really okay, did not talk too much to me. When the time reached almost 12noon, by the time the shopping mall turned from isolated to crowded, he started to teach me some of his 'experiences theories' right after I served EVERY customer. He said "you must......", "you cannot......" and bla bla bla. All concluded in a skill I could say, cos he expressed the theories in various ways, words, sentences, all brought the same meaning.

HALO! Not every customer suits the way you wished me to use one okay! I respect you as a team leader but I do have my own ways, I've been working at fairs so damn infinity time. I'm really satisfy with my results and sales, even for yesterday's. Almost half of your target by my own. I don't feel sorry to anyone there. If you doubted on my sales number, you should have counted it.

** Soon, he started to transfer me from front of the booth to behind, from behind to front. For many times, front of the booth there had only 1 promoter while the back had 4 promoters. So I went to front to help another colleague, he caught me red-handed "LENGZAI, I ASKED U TO STAND AT THERE NOT HERE"

So I replied, "there's four people there and I just help N*****"

He was then said, "don't need, don't bother me I will be standing anyside I want to"

Okay, fine. Before finishing our work, he planned for tomorrow's standing positions. He said wherever has crowd, stand there.


** Throughout the days, I tried my best to serve EVERY customer as I must to since I get paid. I can even swear with my testicles, yes really I can. Sometimes I just slipped a fucking short time to breathe from panting talking, he said I don't approach potential customers.

For the hundredth time, he voiced again, "PLEASE SERVE CUSTOMER LA! DON'T STAND THERE AS A STONE"

Thus, a strong curiosity came up in me, I thought I must to have a sight checkup as I didn't see any people around the booth, neither even ghosts. So I asked, "where? no customer at all"


He POINTED somewhere 100 meters away and said ''tu! got customer!"

Oh wtf I almost ask him "inside Nike got people la, inside Skin Food got people la, inside Adidas got people la, inside McD got people la, inside Bossini got people la, why don't u go and ask!"


Why you don't set up mobile booth to move around? Why you don't ask me to go Starbucks to sell it?

FUCK YOU, again!

** Another scene is like this: a few customers were served by him initially, but then they walked away and finally got back there, bought products from other promoter. 

He, little brat, ex-colleague, went to tell other his customers kena grabbed. I heard it with my ears, left and right ears only, I don't have extra ear on middle of my face, so they are left ear, and also right ear! No smearing.

Oh, he realized that! But he fucking grabbed my customers for several times.


** Another issue that I must highlight

I was packing products for customer, he came and told me in front of that customer "come la, I pack for you nicely!" Customer laughed and responded, "he said you packed them ugly la"
In fact, he packed the same way.

I wonder was that even bothering? Put products in a box in a sorted way just EXACTLY the same as I did.

And I highlighted.

FUCK YOU! No changes he did, embarrassed me for no reason.

** When the time came to almost end working, mall was isolated, less crowd there. He voiced again, "PLEASE LA, AT LEAST FIND CUSTOMERS TO CHAT"

Okay, after five minutes....

Two of my friends came, the first sentence my friend was trying to puke from his mouth, little brat said "LENGZAI, WORK!" He was not using carefree tone, quite fierce.

Now the problem comes, my friend bought a pack.
I gonna name out my friends who bought at the booth from me respectively on these two days.

1. Suping bought 3packets in total
2. Sko and Daniel bought 1pack
3. Jo Lynn bought 1pack
4. YogurtMui bought 1pack
5. Milk Liming bought 1pack
6. Kent bought 1pack
7. Theng Theng bought 1pack
8. Kidult bought 1pack
9. SuChing bought 1pack

They did not merely disturb me instead, they bought.

YOU? went to TOMEI Jewellery Shop to chat with the guards and laughing pointed at diamonds, sitting at middle of the booth drinking your Coke, playing your phone.

That are what I see.

FUCK YOU also.

** He told me not to keep money in your pocket, he added on if I stole it he wouldn't know, insulting me or what? Who the fuck is gonna steal money from you, if really you could just check your stocks la bengong!

Problem comes, I served many customers at the same time, there was impossible for me to rush to call you up "Hi, pls keep the money, thanks" and waiting you to reply in return "thanks, welcome." and serve another customer.


Lastly, FUCK YOU!

I whine with evidences.

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