Tuesday, November 8, 2011

I got my Starbucks Card finally (What is Starbucks Card?)

I've mentioned in my last post I would grab my Starbucks Card today and yea I got it!

How epic was there because I was the first customer at Queensbay Mall outlet. And maybe on that account, they did not know how to key in the free redemption and I was like almost giving a meme emotion that ended up retracted.

If u read my blog before of savouring uniquely starbucks, you'd probably know I was a starbucks fans, so do now.
photo that I taken before occasionally

So by the time Starbucks launched the new so called 'prepaid card' as well, or top-up card, inevitability I can't be missed out any chances of grabbing it.

Okay now, what's Starbucks Card?
So in case anyone who doesn't know about this, I will be blogging this to put up all the details of Starbucks Card. A nutshell briefing here, The Malaysia Starbucks Card is a stored value card that offers you greater convenience when you make your purchase at any Starbucks store in Malaysia. With the ease of one quick swipe, you can use it to purchase anything from your favorite beverage to whole bean coffee or the latest range of tumblers !

Yea, literally it means what as shown above. Now you can top up to your Starbucks Card and just purchasing a beverage or a whole bean coffee or tumbler by just swiping the card. It's just like debit card, yea exactly.

#1 this is my Starbucks Card, they revealed three types, two of Christmas versions and a normal version, which are shown underneath. and guess what? Christmas versions are limited edition!

#2 and the one I holding which is showing beneath this is one of the Christmas version, which in red.

and fml after I applying this and I realized the blue with the snowman one is way more nicer

#3 the back of the card, merely stating the terms and conditions

#4 and your subscription of the card will be attached with a sample card which written the benefits down and don't ever worry I'll be listing down all the benefits you could have!

and also you will be given a booklet on their new products, and I went to have a look already omg all so funky red! wish to stock in another one to my series

#6 opened it up, a row of packages.

#7 the last page of the booklet, omg and not forgetting to say the planner for 2012 is in a plain brown colour. and they altered the rule, you can only get a free starbucks planner with 15purchases and WITH ONLY THIS STARBUCKS CARD! No other than that, no tolerance :P

Benefits that you could get upon subscription:
Beverages - When tracker reaches 10, the system issues a complimentary beverage which is displayed in the Rewards column. 

Whole beans - When tracker reaches 8, the system issues a complimentary bag of beans which is displayed in the Rewards column.

Tumbler - When you buy any tumbler with your card, the system automatically issues a complimentary beverage which is displayed in the Rewards column.

Whole Cake - When you buy any whole cake with your card, the system automatically issues a complimentary beverage which is displayed in the Rewards column.

Tracker is then reset back to zero.

#8 Here's my narcissist self-taken photo with my limited edition christmas-themed starbucks card

The most common FAQ:

1. How much is the Starbucks Card subscription?
   -Approximately RM20 ONLY.

2. What things can I get upon my subscription?
   -Firstly, you'll get a free handcrafted beverage. Secondly it will not deduct your credit
    inside your card. (How awesome is that!)

3. How long will the card last for?
   -3 years from last transaction.


  1. it was so great...like it sooo much..
    i hope i can get it too =)