Saturday, October 1, 2011

Golden Achievement Awards

I was supposedly to blog about this few days ago and I would have been to get the time to contribute on this but I was rushing my PSA recording. Nevertheless, i'm blogging this now! PS: I'm at my lovely hometown.

OH ya, before going through to this post, gonna talk about the embarrass matter which I encountered during that GAA (Golden Achievement Awards). Before up to that event I knew initially the dress code was FORMAL ATTIRE. I wanted to put on tux but I just don't have, and I tried to put on a button up shirt on top and let the bottom to be in shorts. Who knowsssssssssssss, ehemmm. The helpers didn't let me in while the person in charge did. I just stood aside and let them to have the discussion and debates themselves. Finally they let  me in due to "fashion" issue. THANKS GOD.

Not gonna write much.

that's it the blue shorts of Topman

'kepala otak' behind!

the drum performance, they were handsomely yeng!

Payleng Lee be the VIP usher

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