Thursday, September 22, 2011

transformations in me

Sometimes or in the interval of conversation people will ask me "are you that desperately to get famed?" Okay, I usually answered "No,  just no!" for the past time. Now pls try to ask me again the same ques, I'd probably answer you "Yes.", with a deep voice answering. I tried to ask myself after, the answer is still yes. And the main problem comes, how if I really want to get famed? It's not a problem of if I wanted to get famous, it's the problem of my personalities and my own voice from the depth of my heart. Isn't it?

So I've just tried out some different 'styles'. Some say it's alike drug addict person, some say a sickness face, mostly or up to ALL is the same negative feedback.

It was an abruptly taking, did not set up my hair

Yes, this is the style which I never had all this while, just showing an example of the appearance which I might want to be. Nevertheless, along this way my face can't deprived from the 'cute' style(at least from what people often tell me), for those who have not seen any old pics of me, these are the old ones.

the very fresh photo when I got my hair long to a certain length after my graduation from secondary school, tried out a dope bangs. Okay, and bored out with it. Thus to this >>>

Even I tried with some makeups on. Nude color lips, like a shemale though.

Cute style is no longer required when the age comes older, had a haircut within a thought. Could not get into it cos my hair is so softy and it's actually hard to be set up and I could use up to half of the content of hairspray. PS : I was still wearing lens until that.

After some while decided to turn into a more macho look. I know it was definitely failed for that skeleton's body, over skinny and it was actually looked like the extraterrestrial in the movies of alien invasion, so declaring failure.

This started lately, let the mustache grows. And the advent of some comments like 'uncle' , 'mature' and etc WTF and of course my intention was pretty clear of gaining my weight.

You might not seen the obviousness of my weight gained, but friends in reality do. Or I supposing this photo has a lil bit. Currently is so obsessing with the retro and vintage style as if I were in the 70s chinese dramas that always portray in such look. I guess my narcissism reaches a peak level somehow I feel this photo is super endao!


orgasm expression WTF