Monday, September 19, 2011

Burberry Body

It's been how long I didn't even bother to write, seems like a decade or centuries ago since I started on my new semester. Okay, today gonna show y'all the Burberry Body EDP perfume, which is new launching.

Finally got the parcel from Burberry, it's totally free! YEAH, YOU SEE IT RIGHT, it's for free from Burberry. Beneath this will show the steps to get it. Originally we was just simply filling up the inquiry form, we didn't know Burberry would really send it for us, I was so surprised of that, or you tryna tell me that actually I'm so outdated that many companies doing this as a free gift to consumers. HAHA.

the Burberry Body, it's a women perfume

Oh yeah the parcel looks a lil bit crumple because I kept it into my bag. It's delivered from Niederaula. After googled it here we knew it's in Germany. How warm is Burberry :P

Opened it up, wow it's a greeting card with Rosie, she's too gorgeous that beyond words can describe. The back side is the greeting from them, saying thanks for joining us and etc....

They gifted us a 2ml of trying pack, it's in term of spraying. Usually if you get the sampling upon purchasing perfume, the perfume will be some sort of pat on your wrist one, but this ain't.

The smell is so good! (for women most probably they feel), somehow it smells like Dior Bouquet Blossom.

Okay, there's only 3 steps to get it. Watch it up!

The 1st step, go to Burberry fan page on Facebook, CLICK HERE. Click on Burberry Body underneath the profile pic and you will see a some sort of advertisement page will be popped out. Click on the 'request sample'

The 2nd step, select your country and click submit beside that.

The 3rd step, pls fill in your personal detail and they will send it to you! xoxo