Thursday, May 5, 2011

Keep life repeatedly

Do you ever think that, how's our life cycling or going on? Yes, I do. Everyday. Today is approximate to a month of the new semester get started, or exactly. I don't know either. My life keep going on repeatedly. Waking up punctually and get to college. After classes, proceeding to lunch or early dinner. Doing coursework and sometimes rotting during the weekends at home. This semester is definitely a busy one. Heading here and there to redo assignments, printing and etc. Seriously I hate this type of boring life. Please give me something relevant to travelling. Haha! I love to be a shopaholic one if the money falls down from the sky. But I got 'disappointing' almost the time. God continue to shield up on me please. Lately I'm busy working out at home by using the 'power-twister' that I bought it last few days. Hope it really works! Cos I gonna buy fred perry shirt :)

PS : Lack of financial lately, who's going to donate me some?

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