Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Massive work, Heavy Load

I have so many works to be mattered with that I could only use massive to describe. Yet I'm still have time to be a shopaholic one, ahah! For the past weeks, I was fully loaded with debate competition which is holding annually.

Well, I was not prescribed to be done that particular part but as a pressure of we had won that competition continuously for 4years so I got to help a lil bit, yeah 'a lil bit'. It's been fighting for long, finally we won again, but really a tad hard for next year i guess. Btw this is not the maddest tiring one yet to be told.

OKAY! for this week and the coming up weeks, schedule is fully be stated. 2 events, report of publicity group, ton of coursework, presentations, being usher for a MoU signing ceremony of John Lee (李宗盛) and don't know who ETC. Arghh, kill me before those activities get started.


PS : But why I'm still blogging? *Mumbling part* :D

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