Thursday, May 12, 2011

Highway to Invisibility

How they always look down at me was beyond me. They may come out with filthy language like sissy, overacting, exaggerate and so on so forth. I confess that I was a little bit get down by these, but it doesn't mean that it's not so ME. I have no nice body shape to fit in with nice outfits that sometimes I wanted to, but doesn't mean I can't try it. A lil bit upset is not being insulted, but sometimes you'd feel who's that strange brat who says me so, I bet he/she is never faced with mirror. I just want to be a so called 'queer' in your sight. I got my own way up right? How odd that people nowadays readily get in judgemental points that known as 'expert' which they thought of, in fact who are the one dubbed with fashionista honor? They gon' be self-obsessed mankind. Passing through the time zone, I started to getting adapt in, started to know how gradually ease off those bahasa kasar (filthy language). So what? just be ME, this is kind of highway to invisibility. In return, they get nothing.

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