Thursday, May 12, 2011

Faithful Way

Randomly picked up
Foremost, that picture beneath the title isn't any of today's posting, it's just randomly picked up.
Today I gon' be writing in imparting my routine which I had or gon' have.
Okay, let's get start. You might be laughing at me if you have seen my tweet on twitter. Here it is "Shall take in eggs at least of 4 everyday, I'm waiting for the enrichment of protein to build up flawless shaping of my body youcancallmehunk". It's so funny that I couldn't control my nerves as well even to start laughing at myself like some of my friends did. Especially with the YOU-CAN-CALL-ME-HUNK. Haha, you might not know that how much courageous that I was putting on to write such tweet. As y'all know that, I dubbed myself with so many fake images, that I actually dream of, not in real. Despite how much obstacles impeding me, I'm so will to try, at least right? Hope really would achieve that. Don't give on any nasty comments yet before it gonna be happened, or it might take a long time. So what?

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