Saturday, May 14, 2011

Flat out

Preliminary remark : I'm not going to write sentiment post, only my activities rundown for today :D

Today's excursion was really a fatigue. 8/9 hours of outing is flat me out. Guess what had we done for? Absolutely 'walking' from a side to a side in shopping mall. Got nothing anyway, not even a piece of shirt, only the bloated tummy we brought back. Oh yeah,  almost forgotten that we watched a movie, Priest! The conclusion is the movie freaked me out again with its high pitch and sound effects. I guess there will be upcoming episode for Priest, or it just ends like this? Because the ending the main cast mentioned about "It's just beginning". And the only thing I learned from this movie is : To go against the Church is to go against the God. Haha. I'm real tired guy, replace the words with photos. Do you have any anticipation? O.O :D

some kind of commercial for cafe shop?
what is that babi doing? haha

big and small eyes

she 'soaked' her feet in heels, weeping at last

J.Co yogurt, it's been a long time :D

never seen this boksuping in such a nice look

my aunty

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