Sunday, January 4, 2015


Good things come in pairs, or more. I spent the final week of 2014 with abundant(crazy) activities. Having my final assignments submitted, Christmas, the joyful 2015 New Year and a mini trip to North(you'd get to be noticed if you're following my Instagram).

As 2015 comes, be it formulary or wholeheartedly listing new year resolutions; I've come out 1 or 2 as impetus to remind myself for achieving what I've always wanted yet I unintentionally put them on ice. In the nearest future, you'd be expected to see more blog posts like this. Ouch! Why did I not mention that I've recently bought a new mirrorless camera(Fujifilm XE1) to replace my hefty DSLR?

1. Bricklin Bar Cafe

Taking a good sip after befuddled workload and finally have graduated from my Degree is definitely one of the things that gives me utter orgasm.

2. Bibis Bakery Cafe

Always my favourite place to get a cup of Americano/Long Black.

3. Christmas & New Year Decorations at Queensbay Mall, Penang.

4. Snapshots of streets at GeorgeTown, Penang.

Been living in Penang island for 5 years yet never explored the ever renowned streets that full of wall arts and heritage buildings by walking like this. I am here ready to embrace the cultures of uniquely GeorgeTown Penang now!

5. The Alley Cafe

Splashing Affogato.

6. New Year countdown

Making fruit punch during New Year eve night.

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