Wednesday, December 3, 2014

TAIWAN 8D7N TRIP DAY 4 (西门町+士林夜市)

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这次入住的民宿(赞助)是位于清境山上第5公里处的“五里坡”-5KM Villa。这家民宿最大的特色是所有的房间并不是连接的,也不是集中于一处。反之遍布在整个迷你山丘上,东南西北各有房间,当然间间特色也不一。


What a shame we stayed only one day in QingJing due to time constraint or it would be much more splendid. Taiwan seems like a little island but it is just impossible to have traveled every part of it in a short period. Even an one month period. Nonetheless, money does manipulate this all. If chances are there again and you'd want to feel snowing, Hehuanshan is a must to visit as you will be more likely to witness the snow.

We were much honoured to be sponsored by 5KM(located along 5th km of QingJing) Villa this time. What differed from other home stay is that rooms of 5KM were not all attached to each other. Instead, they were scattered differently on the hills. Not to forget every room has its own distinct style.

Despite I was suffered by motion sickness along the journey going up winding hills, the tranquility of the 5KM Villa just got me calmed a little. Like a movie portraying a bunch of people yelling at you amid of ballyhoo in the city, vehicles passing by in an endless flow; are all vanished in a sudden. How I love this place with its utmost serenity!


We received a warm welcome by the owner immediately. From the countries that I visited in the past, I found Taiwanese are the friendliest of all. Same as the previous BnB owner, owner of 5KM Villa also planned the itinerary for us and he even drove us to QingJing Farm! Which I was overwhelmed.




A very cosy environment and you need visit to believe. On the left there was reception desk, connected with a mini bar table and their kitchen. Walking up the staircase and you will be led to their "open" dining area. People tend to look for sea view on the ground but being high up on hill you'd see enchanting and breathtaking scenery beneath your legs.

Also shown in the picture below, 5KM Villa prepared a substantial breakfast of sandwiches, a plentiful fruits and coffee. To my surprise, their sandwiches were not filled up with mayonnaise but a special kind of purple sauce. Guess they homemade it just like the "tomato" drinks they served us on the previous night.


5KM Villa attentively prepared a room for 4 for just both of us but it would be good for us to review and I guess most of you come in 3-4 in a group so this room is perfect! Upstairs being the bedroom and downstairs there was living room with tv and a large bathroom.



I love how convenient is the public transportations in Taiwan. There are MRT and uBus in the city and to travel from South to North and otherwise, you have "bullet" train, speedy and hassle free without having to transit via different types of transports.

Pic below: Waiting train fashionably? LOL.




It was time when stomach was growling and once we arrived at Taipei Station we just simply hopped in a Taiwan cuisine restaurant.

Transportations were getting particularly easy and convenient in Taipei, with the routes and easy access you could actually go to many places around Taipei. First stop we made in Taipei was Ximending, one of the must-go places for tourists. A giant place covered by abundant shop lots such as home appliances, clothing, accessories, streetwear, food and touristy spots!



Ay-Chung flour-rice noodle, a MUST try food. Check out the crazy line and it's full house every hour. The taste of the soup was somehow slightly different with what we have in Malaysia - I guess they cook it with herbal? But it was appetising. Up to 3 sauces to choose from too.

到了傍晚,我们就离开了西门町去到了士林夜市(捷运不要于士林站下,而是剑潭)。闻名不如见面,这个夜市无敌大。重点:我在这里找到我觉得最最最好吃的卤味档!!半夜三境的看图打字真要了我的命 :(

We went to Shilin Night Market afterwards (get off from Jian Tan station instead of Shilin though). Its better to be here to be witnessed. This market is awfully spacious and you would find a lot of good food in here. Seeing pictures like this is suffocating especially for a night like this :(


Black pepper cake.


Spicy cold noodle, a must try too in Shilin Market!