Sunday, April 1, 2012

some KL people think Penang lang like to fuss

Don't feel I'm provoking the war between two places.

The above title is appropriate enough to describe the whole story that I'm gonna write.

You might be mussed if I don't state things well, so I'm gonna throw out all the ins and outs, might be bloody long.

Few of us working at a garment shop in Queensbay Mall. We park our car at the massive car park in front of Queensbay Mall, which will normally charge us RM1.50 per entry. Workers of respective shops in Queensbay Mall like to park there cos it was cheap.
**This land does not belong to Queensbay Mall**

While Queensbay Mall has own multi-floor car park as well, which has own rates.

First 2 hours at RM1.00
Subsequent hour at RM1.00
First 3 hours at RM1.00
Subsequent hour at RM1.00
First 2 hours at RM2.00
Subsequent hour at RM1.00
First 3 hours at RM3.00
Subsequent hour at RM1.00

with no limited charge.

Gonna sketch this in light shade first. So yesterday in the evening, one of my friends leaving from work. One of the car park workers told her that starting effectively from tomorrow(1/4/2012), car park rate would be increasing. As in from RM1.5 per entry to RM5 the maximum per day. He advised my friend to spread out the news and complain to the management office. Cos he knew it's gonna be dreadful for the workers there.

We posted on facebook and friends shared it around.

Hereby the little war started. We received quite a number of nasty comments. 


Someone shared out to forum and had some 'discussion'. I'm not sure if this is discussion or jeering or ridiculing me. I was only voicing out for the workers in Queensbay Mall cos many of us really feel dreadful. Sometimes we earn RM20 for semi-noon shift but we have to pay RM5 already, excluding meal yet. You say?

If we are offered a free breakfast, why don't? I'm not muka tembok but follow and fit in your point that you maybe thought it's funny.

Viewing from him(I guess is a man), RM5 for the whole day is still reasonable and we should shut up I guess. TO HIM NOT US(WORKERS) remember.

You wanna spend your money and nod your head to aye to all of these of course I don't have any opinion, that's your money. You wanna donate to me I will still receive. You have to intelligently make some calculations. I will speak on beneath. Watch out later.

Another case. From Facebook.

I observed unusual meticulously in case I get shot unjustly. In answering you, by the way to all the people who provoke, yeah I mean provoke cos I feel so. You can freely feel I was fussing why can't I call you protesters? this is FAIR enough.

First, you pay RM15 to work in Pavilion KL. I feel sympathy to your pocket but I can't help for your information. Also, I feel RM15 still affordable to you cos I saw from your profile you're gonna get Gucci belt for your own, pretty means you have had extra money to get the belt after deducting the inflation.

But sorry to say around Pavilion does not attach with outdoor car park I feel awful for you also la. Hence there are options for us who work in Queensbay Mall. We have multi-floor car park which has unlimited charge I need to reemphasize.

You fucking dragged other places other shopping malls to make comparison. I'm going to do so, as well. The value of a goods doesn't deemed to be the same in every places. Why did I say so? Standard living in KL is higher than Penang island this all of us known. You being an underdog there have to pay so much daily, why don't you switch back to Penang? Okay this isn't the main point that I wanted to bring out. MAIN KEY: We have different places to park with different pricing, of course. The RM1.5 outdoor car park used to be the best place for workers to park, as in to ease their burdens off. We whined on the inflation in wide margin, first you need to know. Thus, how could you compare with KL? 

It's not like you have to pay more thus we need too - NO!!

Pls take note of the purple sentence. Which is the crucial point I wanted to highlight.

I made comparison of Africa and here is to enhance my statement by saying you can't compare us to your living standard there. At least from what I observed of some, wages there are higher most of the time.

Check out this photo. How could you ever make comparison, again and again? They are different cases. Still so, you paid more doesn't mean we have to. Do you get this?

While pointing the arrow to me, did you ever think of you confined me from the comparison of Africa and here? But well, this doesn't matter much. All needs to get back to the root of problem. You find a fair platform of weighing the values of two matters to compare, only I do comparison with you. Am I make myself clear?

Second, the 拖车姐 phrasing I feel funny. How does she relate to here? GIVE ME THE ANSWER PLS!! You made me bewildered.

In thinking and relating all of the happens, I feel this fella is feeling unconvinced and belittle to he has to pay RM15 per day but we don't need. Or he could just say RM5 is still reasonable. That's all enough said. But pls observe his status, he ain't! If I was in good mood, I might be sending a letter to department of welfare to sponsor you some to back to Penang for working.

But my anxiety is just superfluous. You gon' get a Gucci belt, a rich man I see there.

I see another contrary here in Penang. Penangite might not think so. They are fussing as I did :P

To put up disclaimer, I stated outdoor car park does not belong to Queensbay Mall.

YOU STILL WANNA COMPARE? Go ahead, challenge me, provoke me, I'm standing of justice.


  1. Fellow Malaysian and PenangiteJune 2, 2012 at 11:03 AM

    Bravo for this entry Junor! Some KL folks tends to think too highly of themselves typically because they live in the city thus, makes us living here on the island as "Africans"...

    That bloke just need to learn to shut his bloody gap and start to pay some respect to his fellow countrymen. Living in a city doesn't t mean he has higher integrity and EQ. Such disrespectful comments and labelling only makes him sounds like a complete stoop.

    First, he needs to pick up on his economics before he starts blabbing about KL's parking rates against any other locations in Malaysia. This is basic mathematics boy... You don't do comparison between a Volkswagen Golf GTI against a Proton Satria GTI - they are both very different categories of motor vehicles.

    Likewise, arguing with a nut like him will only be wasting our time. Why do I say so? Simple, it's like singing to the cows, they will never know how to think and appreciate the freedom of speech in voicing individual opinions. So, just ignore a dumb bloke who can't control his gift of the gap.

    FYI, I'm a Penangite, have properties both in Penang as well in KL, and has worked in Singapore, Guangdong, Shanghai and now back in Penang. Being a KL city boy like him doesn't make him a higher standard citizen of the urban society. Is the integrity, how one choose to carry themselves and the choice of words used in expressing thoughts and disagreement that cuts the differences in society ranking. And mind you, wearing a Gucci belt doesn't help elevate your society status. To me, it will resemble a cow wearing a rose in your case - coz it doesn't match.