Tuesday, February 21, 2012

"Wedding Diaries"

Don't misled by the title.

Not mine though.

So I gonna pile this blog up with photos. I attended to a wedding in G Hotel which is sister for my coursemate, Payleng Lee.

I think I can say it's the first time to attend to a friend's wedding, I consider Jennifer and Rohan(sis and bro-in-law of Payleng) as my friends la cos I went to their condo for swimming for a couple times already, can I?

It was a great ignition of something fun you know in the middle of my internship, I'm totally dried up :/ So do I didn't meet up Payleng for two months already so it was the only opportunity for us to meet (don't so dramatic can). Also she wanted to pass me my birthday present la, hahaha #majorreason

So to save words I know many people do not click in my blog cos they don't like words :(( But really, I have awesome pics waiting ya! (at least I feel so)

So this is how I gonna look like for the entire entry, massive cuteness that you can't deny. You really can't right? Keep it on hold in your depth heart, don't speak :P

So basically they are my only-known-friends at the wedding :/
From the most left was mentioned Payleng, aunty from my table even said she's very pretty than the bride lor *pukes cereal*

The focused and most charming couple of the night. Major sweetness. Oh ya don't doubt don't reckon your feeling is right, Rohan is a korean :D

The wishes from the guests. Stay happy and sweet that sort of.

The entrance between waiting area and the hall. I personally feel the bouquets and white cloths are sipek nice la but Payleng said they don't?

Inside the dinner hall.

The wine.

Oh ya, left out this. The couple were putting korean robe and changed to western robe on the second half round.

A slice of cake in it. I guess was pandan cake?


Welcoming parents of the bride of bridegroom.

They playing the built memories of the couple of the night.

Welcoming the couple :P

The souvenirs we got from them. How attentive were them? Felt so warm cos they really did it with hearts <3

Vain shots.

Were then catching up at coffee bean. Purposely did this pose.


For more photos you can actually access to my TWITTER, FACEBOOK.

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