Saturday, January 7, 2012

"Korean Star" Made Up

I'm gonna amaze you with a korean-star-look-alike pic. Even I'm thoroughly amazed. All credit should be given to my hair stylist, Desmond. OMG I'm feeling so good now like never before cos I supposing my fresh new year of 2012 is blessed and kicked off with a good omen, which is a differently quomodo been scheduled by God. HOW IS YOURS???

Okay, roughly go by here, I was so sicked by my old hairstyle which was stuck in a rut wtf. So, I GOT MY HAIR CURLED, PERMANENTLY. Okay to save words here goes some photos saying all.

When I was on my way going to hair saloon, Garçons. (Too many people asked me before where I always get my hairdos done, here it is, kindly click on the word! I'M REALLY LAZY TO VOICE TO EXPLAIN OVER AND OVER) Some of my friends said this photo has a bit of korean wave, I don't sound conceiting okay, FACT FACT FACT I'm talking.

Here comes the photo I feel my year will be blessed ahead. OMG how can you ever deny the handsomeness and awesomeness in this photo of mine!? Did I say I'm sort of narcissistic person? Yes I do dafuq. Handsome until aunty couldn't withstand of my good looking style. You don't believe? I was dining in a BBQ restaurant and an aunty praised me non-stop I tell you, even all of my friends felt paiseh cos there were a lot of cust taking glance on us. That aunty said a lot of stuffs like the hairstyle suits me aiyo got too much of things to list out. I know you will definitely say "aiya people cincai say a few words you think you're really like korean"

No fuck will be given okay?

The photo might be blurry to show my hairstyle so I'm gonna post out few as well. And also thing that really excites me is I only spent RM 95 for my perming!!!!! Cheap right?

Can you guys see it? Mad love the  hairstyle can. From discussing the hairstyle to get the hair set like korean hahahahaha we only used approximately 2hours. Garçons has been always my best saloon ever my every hairdos which asked profusely by friends were done by them, an efficient and a responsible team. Two years for God's sake I visit once every month, can you imagine how much I love them who never disappointed me?

First, my messy hair! I kept for months you know just for today. Been remaining spiky hair in the first half of 2011 now the day came. Was really excited, my first time to get my hair curled after all.

Missed out to capture while Desmond was coiling my hair separately. This is when my hair done from coiling and in steaming. I know I look hideous, who cares? as long as the outcome will look nice.

Side look. And meanwhile they applied liquid lotion to permanent my waves for few times.
And not forget to remind you again over my handsome photo :))))


So har, don't ask me again where I trimmed my hair, you know it so hard to mention where it located so pls kindly check them out at 171 Jalan Kelawai 10250 Penang, Malaysia. Thanks!! HAPPY 2012!!!