Tuesday, August 2, 2011

New Discovery : Strawberry Forever Dessert Cafe Penang

That was an abruptly one. Thinking to go to other restaurant but eventually went to this, as it's just a stone throw away. It is said that they serve main course like western food other than only strawberry flavored dessert.

That was at about 9pm when we reached there, hope it wasn't too late as the case before - kitchen closed. Fortunately it wasn't, but there was no crowd. So we were seated with enthusiasm and grin. Okay, let's start with the exterior and interior photos. Please forgive that my pictures might be blurred cos it was a night with no street light.

A night view of it - Strawberry Forever Dessert Cafe

Anyone realizes what? Those seats look a lil familiar to Friday's ones. I mean the 3rd photo beneath. But they look just great. While the other seats are designed by the colors of strawberry.

Strawberry Forever Dessert Cafe

Strawberry Forever Dessert Cafe

Strawberry Forever Dessert Cafe

Strawberry Forever Dessert Cafe

Strawberry Forever Dessert Cafe

Oh yea, the forgotten charged battery pack nearly encumber and severed this post. Well, starting with the main course, there are 3 or 4 categories divided, I can't really remember. What I could really recall are curry noodles series, hot pot rice series and western food, well the rest is all about desserts and beverages.

This is always the great part which I love to perceive the sharing and writing on.
This is the menu, stawberries huh? Ha ha - Strawberry Forever Dessert Cafe
The photos underneath this paragraph are mostly made up by main courses. Ha ha, as we did not order too many of desserts due to the hungriness.

Hot Pot Rice with Hainanese Chicken - Strawberry Forever Dessert Cafe

Hot Pot Rice with Sliced Beef - Strawberry Forever Dessert Cafe
It's a special sauce that I don't know what to call, it tastes sour - Strawberry Forever Dessert Cafe
Curry Noodles which I ordered - Strawberry Forever Dessert Cafe

Here comes the dessert part, however it looks different with the 'real' dish inside the menu.

it tastes normal btw - Strawberry Forever Dessert Cafe
this is the look after I lifted off the first layer - Strawberry Forever Dessert Cafe

Here is the privilege for student, it's only RM10.90 for student price.

Strawberry Forever Dessert Cafe
two brats Kidult Chew and Xiao Le who went along with me

Kidult Chew and me, Junor Law
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