Thursday, July 28, 2011

This holidays are gonna indulge with love - Behind 50

There was my exam, there was the time I drudged. Starting with here I've got to make an official announcement - my exam has over! FINALLY EVENTUALLY OFFICIALLY ENDED! It was an otherworldly excitation beyond description. Okay well, this semester break is gonna start with much indulgence. First of the all was dining in Behind 50, which located at Love Lane, Penang.

Okay, I'm not gonna write so long, let the pictures do the speaking. I edited the photos spontaneously right after I touched down at home, looking forward to sharing with y'all! So, not gonna hesitate no more. Let's get started!

a little vintage tiny wood-made address (Behind50)

this is the outlook of Behind 50 (Behind50)
an old-style bicycle as the representative (Behind50)
promotion board (Behind50)
left out one, Business hour! (Behind50)
the tiny kitchen that full of sundries (Behind50)

the brief internal looks (Behind50)
this was so nice, the simply sorted out arrangement (Behind50)
long-playing records, still functioning (Behind50)
miscellaneous (Behind50)

the old stuff that still can be found in my granny's house (Behind50)

painting wall (Behind50)

Old packing of Jacob & Cos (Behind50)

anyone could recall of this? Especially the middle one (Behind50)

A chubby kid. He was then gave me French kiss (Behind50)
even the menu looks vintage, retro (Behind50)
 We did not order main course due to the closing of the kitchen! Only slight dishes we asked for.

potato salad (Behind50)

super delicious mushroom soup, can you see the '50'? (Behind50)

a cheesecake that tastes pure in richness of cheese (Behind50)

an effing bitter coffee (Behind50)

pizza (Behind50)
Bok Su Ping and Xiao Le (Behind50)

Kidult Chew and me (Behind50)

pinocchio, published in 1965! How aged it's (Behind50)

Michael Jackson's LP record (Behind50)


  1. i was there last week!!!!! stay in Red Inn Heritage Guesthouse last week when i go penang~~ this place is damn nice!!!for beers! =P