Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Distinct Rapture

Go back in time, I was just stepping out from secondary school's threshold. I was supposed to sit in the yard, talking about our ambitions among ourselves. That were those days to skip from school; yet reading at home respectively, sometimes was the togetherness. I was supposed to have tuitions, holding handful of notes, reading all the while, I was supposed to drudge.....

It passes in a blink of eyes, I can able to recall every single moment which I cherish on even now. But I don't will to go back in those times, memories speak out all, drudging all the time. You'd probably ask me that, isn't now suffer more? The answer is yes. I'm now burning midnight oil, preparing for the coming up exam. This is the 5th final exam for my 4th semester in college. Time flies. All the things is just like yesterday(I know it's an obsolete saying, but it's indeed real). There's no instinct to tell me what's going to happen in the next few minutes, unlike the past, where I was small, even my route was planned before I walked on it.

It's an otherworldly night, that pulling me to writing. Listening to the soft and pleasing rhythm, everything has a huge change out of blue, especially it comes to night. I believe every feel alters in night, when your mind is in an extreme relaxable limbo, blending a tad sorrow. I stop my reading, can't feel any nerve is moving right now. I know my journey is going to be continued like endless as long as I'm alive. Just thinking of everything should take a long breath, savor the glowing stars upon the night. They are beautiful.

Today isn't an insomnia night, but a fighting night, waking up with a start. Sorting out the policies and breath, continue to lead on my path....

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