Friday, July 22, 2011

BFFs Outing

I would have been like other bloggers, taking down every single meal that they've had every day on the line. I would have been sharing all my dribs and drabs, it's talking about 'would have been'. Things undergone undoubtedly out of expectation, the only thing I can claim on.

If you were happen to follow my updates from time to time, you'd probably know I was scheduled with works and studies, as so now. How much I besought for more time as if 48/7. Unquestionably I will be having exam on the coming on Monday, I've been very busy-very. Yet still I'd like to share out a bit merry time that I'd spent.

Just months ago, I think it's two months away from now, we bought 4tickets of nyonya buffet to dine in. That was so much appreciated and it was a coincidental for us, four of us, Yogurt, Ah Bok, Kidult and me to have the same free time blanked out. So, we went to redeem that voucher at Sri Batik Nyonya Cafe.

Not gonna talk about the food nor introducing the place, it was sucks for us. I guess it's perhaps good for those  à la carte menu, but it was extremely gross and nasty to the max on those food which tend to like 'economic rice', even I can cook better. So much that we keened on some unique and surprising delights. Since it costed RM9.90 per person only, just felt that nowhere near the real thing, deserved the price stated.

Sri Batik Nyonya Cafe, here it's

I'm not sure with this but it quite sure looks like Burberry model :D

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