Friday, June 3, 2011

Valuable Memorandum

As in the previous post of Hazy Month, I stated about criticism and prejudice on the starting of the post. I did not go through on it, not because it was being censored, but did not want to pull everybody's feeling into drain.

Our PR event is coming nearer. Back in some times, we were started to prepare. After appointing those positions, we started our work respectively. Unfortunately, we weren't be blessed. We impeded by not only influence from outsiders, but our own.

The most critical condition was most of us got in conflict. Trying to recall back those single particles, everyone has to be blamed. Useless that we made unwanted charges on the higher position holders because we were the person to elect those advanced position administration person.

I was in a miffed situation and followed by my anger status on FB "everyone will be given a chance in the first phase of confessing, but if they refused, reliance broken down in the second phase" because I was still not be told that my design was banned originally despite I'm in publicity group. I was told by third person.

But then, things turned at a loving point, and I appreciate that we're good thinking PR as confession being told frankly. It's a naked confession at least which is written in words. (LINK) I received an apology, in fact I feel that no one is wrong in this case. We are learning throughout this.

Thus, this incident is actually giving us a valuable lecturing, which we got up from trauma, to promising. This is not of any PR theory could tell us, this is life experience.

It's not late still, as starting to open up our sight and mind to accept other's opinions, we're still a team. A tough group! I guess this is the merrymaking part of carrying out an event! We experienced, we learned.

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