Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Untitled Life

I have been thinking, what's our life means? Since we was born, we learnt.
Until a day that we are considered to study, we study.
Until a day that we are considered to earn, we earn.
and this is life for us.

We never ever think that what's our life mean to us.
Perhaps there's a number of people might think of this, but they'd never get that answer.
and so do I.

When I was small, I think of rose to fame.
I imagine that I were an actor, a host or even a singer.
It's good to hold a dream, but there's nowhere near the real things.
Community world is real hazardous.
& I'm kind of typical-type, I study for work, yes indeed!

But if were given to me, I hope to build a small house somewhere near to the lakeside.
Put it with my fav decoration, playing some songs that I love.
This is not superficiality, but is dream.
I've got to work hard as a dream holder.
It definitely yes.
Gonna give my life a name! urghhh..

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