Sunday, January 30, 2011

CNY #1

Before writing this post, I was using chinese to write it. I don't know why, I couldn't write it in a proper way, I mean 'like before'. My chinese is stepping on a leeway, indeed! Anyway, it's not time to talk about junk here. Don't hesitate no more, going to share with you guys my holidays for CNY in Perlis!

As what the movie 'Great Day' has staged, the meaning of REUNION DINNER doesn't same with the normal dinner within family. It's something about love (something 'bout love that breaks you heart, whoah oh oh oh! omg I'm talking nonsense). 

So I'm always looking forward to CNY! Haha, I got back to hometown earlier to meet up some friends or even some relatives that didn't meet for long.
Actually what I looking forward for not only could wear on new costume, it's about love (again! @@). It's about a 'familyship'. CNY might be a 'reason' to gather up all the members in family, doesn't it?

This is the 3rd day I got back to here. Trying on new digital camera! Haha, Mom be the photographer.
It looks natural right? In fact it is! haha..

My sis was busy with her drawing. So I quickly caught up this image! looks cute la wey!
She has started to keep her hair long, 1st ever throughout these years.
Oh yeah! I nearly forget she took part in a contest just days ago! Will upload later (below), teehee :D
ps: Do you guys see that moon and star? I drew it and let her to fill in the colors

*kacha* see this! this is the photo during her contest. She is courages enough as she at least dare to standing alone upon the stage and facing hundred people. Bravo!

Looks like korean guy right? Kidult Chew said so. Makeup and hairdo done by me :D

During the preparation.......... Mom wearing Indian tradisional costume for her