Monday, March 2, 2015


|  VARSITY JACKET  Bulb 84  |

... On the other note, time passes in a lightning speed where I've been graduated from uni for more than 2 months. What a horrendous figure!

Settling down into a routine or kicking off a journey of pursuing passion is a matter of everything to me now. In the past, at all times never would I get why did people give it up on their dreams that they always stress on - like it's not worth mentioning anymore. Finally here comes the time I understood all of their non-persistent and insecurity towards the force of the society. Inflation, currency drop, insane living costs that make me step on a break pedal to pursuing my dreams are the greatest things I needed to brood over now. I ask myself vert often now, why did I not just enrol myself in a finance course and start working in a finance sector with higher pay, abundant positions available out there?

Slowly when I began meeting more people around my age who apparently started working earlier than me, I made a change. Engaging yourself in a routine is not a cool thing. NO! And I could not just live off my life in that way. Countless overtime, not being able to attend to many outings or gathering with friends.

Nonetheless, I'm blessed enough to say I strike through a more balanced way - of not getting myself settled in a routine yet at the same time, I will be able to do what I like. Just like now. As well as hoping to shine like a bulb.

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