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TAIWAN 8D7N TRIP DAY 2 (肉蛋吐司店+草悟道+麻辣火锅大餐)

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Day 2 in Taichung is enormously attractive and welcomed by big sun, but it was not a confounded one. Average temperature was between 23-26. If you are a double-layer person like me, you are welcome to have the combination here. Back to the itinerary, remember the 'touch n go' card that we bought from 7-11 the previous day? In Taichung, you could travel for free within 8km by the bus rapid transit (BRT) or the uBus.

Now we have more excuses to go for shopping since we saved up a lot! HA!


This is a morning that sun shone gaily, pushed us to come to this famous breakfast restaurant. Initially we were turned off by the long queue. If we were to wait in the line we might as well just have our brunch there. Pheww it was nothing like we thought. Despite the long line, this restaurant possessed high efficiency and rather systematic. Dine in and takeaway both have different kind of order form - you will need to get the form filled from the table outside while the order form for dine in was inside the restaurant, on the dining table. It might be a minor action, but what it eventually led to amazed us, which deserve a high compliment!


We ordered the signature salad toast, Chinese style omelette, signature pork & egg toast (as the name of the restaurant) and milk tea. Like I said, due to the high efficiency, the food was served in lightning speed. The toast itself was very light but not up to extreme and rich and plenty fillings were wrapped inside yet the taste was not heavy at all. Personally I'd strongly recommend the Chinese style omelette as this dish would whet your appetite with its slight saltiness to balance your overall breakfast as well.


While waiting for BRT :)


草悟道(Calligraphy Greenway)是台中市中心一整段大范围的绿园道。带状的都市绿园道,范围:国立自然科学博物馆前经国园道(含市民广场)、国立台湾美术馆到美术园道之间绿带,全长3.6公里

As mentioned on the above, you could travel free within 8km, but you would need to scan your You You card. We've gone to Calligraphy Greenway Taichung. Take bus along "Zhong Gang" Road Section 1 and stop along SOGO Mall. Follow the green board in the picture and you would reach at Calligraphy Greenway. Here's the introduction of Calligraphy Greenway:

"Worldwide featured external performance space of green, park, and road of tourism resource of Taichung carrying local characteristic cultures and transforming to international attractive tourist destination."



We discovered this dessert cafe along the path. The renovation kind of resembles the style we have here in Malaysia. To our discovery, this cafe freshly bakes the cheesecake and ice-cream daily. We tried the cheese and dragon fruit flavoured ice-cream.

The official website of the dessert cafe -



Chun Shui Tang, the vital source of the world bubble tea cultural and the home of bubble tea. They are the first who invented bubble tea.


随后,我们也在草悟道随意的逛逛。旅行就是如此的轻松自在 :)

It seems to be pretty normal to queue for food in Taiwan and it has become a norm. But good food is worth the wait. One of the street food that I'd like to highlight is fried pancake. With the stall name "beyond 3rd generation", I reckon they started their business from the era of their grandfather. The crispiness of the pancake is to be left unsaid (for sure!) but the fillings are the main attraction. And why would it get me so addicted? The pickled cabbage that was so well marinated and pickled, that, I can't even get it off my mind even now, as I am typing this! Also the moment when they egg yolk 'exploded' in your mouth, PERFECTION!



It got rather low in temperature when it came to night in Taiwan. The feeling of literally beseeching for a hot pot especially struck hard in this time. We had chosen Tripod King to have spicy hot pot. According to one of the Taiwan shows, the ever famous celebrity Xiao S couldn't even reserve a table due to the high flow. Hence, it made us wanted to try so much. We were recommended by the workers we could actually mix the spicy and non-spicy soup up and it created another new kind of taste. They also provided two types of sauce to complement the fowl and dishes.



The stay of our second day in Taiwan was located along a remote alley, but it was easy to get to. It was a unique guest house that we wholeheartedly felt it combined the great passion of Taiwanese and their warmth hospitality.

The official website of HoneyBnB -



Mr Bryan亦是非常热情的房东。除了不陌生的对话,他还会介绍我们到台中的旅游景点,并为我们安排路线,显得细心。草悟道也是房东介绍我们去的。

The overall environment of the room was extremely outrageously clean and neat. You might think I am doing lips service but to feel it you may need to experience by yourself. I am the person who usually hates the fusty old wooden floorings that have dirty on the corner, or damp wooden, but what we had in HoneyBnB was the other way round.

In spite of its location in the remote alley, it was really convenient as located opposite the shopping mall Shinkong Mitsukoshi and a 2min walk to BRT station just added bonus to it.

The landlord Mr Bryan was also an excellent host who possessed enthusiasm. We talked like friends and he actually planned our itinerary in Taichung too. How attentive! Calligraphy Greenway was one of the spots he introduced us.

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