Friday, August 8, 2014


Things get utterly frustrated when you pick up a pair of jeans that caught your eyes and you find it extremely hideous on you upon emerging in fitting room. Particularly happen to us, who are only 170cm or less. So I thought finding various ways to transform the jeans to look good on us.

First off, straight-cut jeans make people who are not tall, to look unusually shorter. Remember, do not have your straight-cut jeans altered to the length shorter than your ankle. Just cuff up, in a correct way. See, no alteration needed. Killing two birds with one stone.

Most of us spend most time rolling up the bottom of the jeans to comply with the trends, more often than not, fashion gurus will not just tell you how to roll up your jeans, especially straight-cut jeans perfectly fitting your shins.

 Second tip 
Wear with a sweater with shorter length if not tucking your shirt in. Shorter top makes your legs visually longer. To intensify your look, pair your jeans up with a long sleeves sweater with thicker fabric.

Do yourselves a favor, do not even pair a big sweater with straight-cut jeans or you will end up looking pudgy. Now, it's time to get a pair of ultra skinny jeans. Trust me.

 Third tip  
People might be yelling at you "why are you wearing a pair of of jeans with sandals?!". Choosing a correct pair of sandals will help you to intensify your look and make you stand out from the rest. Rebut them. Throw away the old-fashioned mindset.

Now I'm talking about bold. Bolder leather, bolder shoe straps. Casual yet retaining your chic(ness).

In this stage, you might wonder how many pairs of jeans I need to own by now? Three. Really. Straight-cut jeans, vintage skinny jeans and at least one ultra skinny jeans in your life.