Saturday, April 12, 2014


Coach Legacy Flight Bag  |  Camouflage Textured Shirt  |  Leather Biker Jacket  |  H&M White Skinnies  |  Emporio Armani Watch

Speaking about greens, more often that not, I hand in a no - with an extreme extend of resolute speed and tone. Not that I have a deep enmity with greens but a realisation comes in place that I do not blend in well, somehow. However, I live in a city that advocates "greener, cleaner". I certainly agree to an extend but I'd be rebelliously finding the other stimulation such as grey or a greyish tone brown.

There was this day, five of us decided to spend our crazily warming summer days among the mountains and the nearest one would be Cameron Highlands. Ignorantly thinking I could shoot in front of a bricks wall but green was everywhere. A little disappointment but results turned out to be good ones!