Friday, December 13, 2013


Picture 1
Topman Sweater  |  Uniqlo Socks  |  Birkenstock  |  DOSS Snapback

Picture 2
H&M Knitwear  |  Uniqlo Socks  |  Birkenstock  |  DOSS Snapback

Picture 3
Esprit Shirt  |  Uniqlo Socks  |  Birkenstock  |  DOSS Snapback

Picture 4
Rottweiler Sweatshirt  |  Leather Shorts  |  Triffer Loafers  |  DOSS Snapback

As soon as I thought making abundant of daily beauty cores to be worn fashionably, Birkenstock actually flashed through my mind first. There must be something extraordinary and chic to complement the leather goods (Birkenstock), I told myself this.

To be surprised that I've had abundant of socks that I kept them in closet and remained them unworn. This time round I am helping my friend to shoot for a campaign. I thought this would be the good chance to finally showcase my socks that are in the closet, for years.

I am sampling some of the outcomes that are my favourites, with them vsco-ed. For more pictures of this campaign shoot or more details about their premium snapback imported from Korea, please do not hesitate to check out their website (click here)!

Hope you enjoyed reading this.