Saturday, September 7, 2013


T-shirt by MindFuck (click), Marc by Marc Jacobs Satchel, ASOS Cap, H&M Cotton Jeans, Toywatch, Topman Alphabet Earring
I am working up on a write-up for my friend, the new local street wear designer, Michelle. I wasn't the kind of street wear person but MindFuck Co. (click) just amazes me like I'd wear this in my own way. It is a unisex brand that the owner designs the series basically go versatile to boys and girls. I especially love that! 

I've seen a couple of local street wear brands but none of them stimulates my senses like MindFuck Co does. Every piece of design has distinctive styles that make me want to own one of the series. Be it the sweater, or the t shirt, all of them have never failed to thrill me in little. Make sure you check out their site to receive updates and as a warm regard, every design has only limited pieces!

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