Saturday, July 13, 2013


Topshop Baseball Jacket, Topman Espadrilles

Jewelries from Forever21, Purse from Prada

I am always neither on one side or the other for baseball jacket. I could be loving baseball jacket and hating it at the same time. Both come into being for one reason - I tend to pair EVERY top up with this jacket. That's why I am having a love-hate relationship with it. I could have loving it but sooner I'd have to hate it because of the high frequency.

So when I first saw this jacket in Topshop (to be frank it was second as the first type that I've seen in Topshop was grey with the alphabet A) I literally yelled in my heart I need to own it, especially the H representing my chinese first name after my family's name.

What I was wearing:
Topshop Emerald Green Baseball Jacket
Topman Neon Espadrilles
Prada Purse

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