Thursday, January 3, 2013

Photoshop Actions

You know, being a blogger ain't that easy, but rather having hard time looking at the pictures. Sometimes I would go "shooo all the ugly pictures" I ain't gonna do any entry, thus lesser entries. I am kinda weak in photoshop or editing pictures by using complex software so until a friend told me I could download so called Photoshop Actions that created by experts or freelancers. Big yay for that! I went googling the whole day today, browsed quite a couple of actions but some turned out to be really horrendous. It wasn't that plain simple after all, I realized. All you need to do is pick a picture with PERFECT lightning or quality beforehand. So, couldn't mimic any best shot. But underneath is my first attempt. I guess they aren't that bad as I thought.

Taken in my room before recapping

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