Saturday, August 13, 2011

The place that I work at

I suppose many of you do not know where I'm working at and just always have the curiosity to find out where is it? It is a new established apparel shop which is first in Malaysia, as in Queensbay Mall, Penang. Not gonna introduce much, anything can log on to

It is originally from Hong Kong. Branches as many as in Taiwan, China, Singapore, Hong Kong and new in Malaysia.

So, today my colleagues and I were appointed and nominated by bosses to take down the photos of our apparels. But this blog is all my own private idea to do on, to let y'all know what kind of shirts we are selling by the way. So one of my colleague aka my course mate, Bok Su Ping be the model. HAHA! And I be the photographer as well as hair stylist and image stylist :)

We were just ORDINARILY TAKING DOWN THESE PHOTOS, pls forgive the skill.

Bok Su Ping
retro style like in 1970'
I know the watch spoiled this
maxi skirt
boyish style
dinner gown
as well as able to attend to beach party
tend to winter season
Office Ladies apparel
casualty wear
Taiwanese' style
elegant maxi gown
Only few set of apparels we tried on, but it took lotsa time, lead us to fatigue one.
So, will keep on updating the new arrival stocks! Pls catch up with us. But I'm just part timer, no longer here, until Dec if there's no any changes :D

Lastly pls follow our Facebook Fan Page to get update always!
Bok Su Ping & Junor Law (Photographer + me)