Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Sweet Rapture

If you judged me by this photo, you're so wrong! No one would know how many times I cried for, not for the dedicate emotional part, but for LIFE. With the only short middle-break, I have to come out with numerous assignments, 3pages of newsletter design, advanced news writing group assignment, mass media group and individual assignment, banner and publicity work for my English Week event, study+revision for final exam, and also, working as if I were the robotic one. I need a really sweet rapture that is not coming harshly to me. I'm pushing by a tough feeling or pressure that I could not manage my studies well that always expected as above 3.5 of CGPA. I'm so hard to take a breathe even somewhat of light+relax breathe, you can either kill me or blow the stalked jobs up. I were always screened as a relaxation mankind, but in fact what's my illness for the deadweight, who knows? Only Him, the God. You know when a grumble comes on is nothing, whereas plenty of grumbles coming gradually, mind would burst, indeed. I used to grieve alone in the dark night by the sadness hour that everyone fell sleep. I mumbled to myself, who am I? My life turns at an awkward point of pointless arc. Ease off the burden is the only way out, the only highway that could go till promising, a brilliant promising.

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