Monday, May 2, 2011

Merrymaking of Instagram

Actually I had this apps since I first got my iPhone, but I never played with it. It was not unwanted but just did not bother to check it out. I'd started to discover it as in I was downright rotted at home today, so I 'found' it again inadvertently. Noobie me did not know how to apply the effects or even I just found out that it is actually like Tumblr. Share around or spread out the little accomplishment every single bored time. Eventually I had took this apps as granted, as in everything I see, I capture down with it and try my best to adjust and tune the effects to get the best so called "vintage image" as what I've mentioned on my tweets. Will show y'all the outcomes. Hope they were not counterproductive! 

PS : please follow me on Instagram! Sent with little 


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