Thursday, May 19, 2011

Keep It Upright

It's been quite days interval from the previous post. If you have followed my previous updates, you'd probably know this, an interval between, or you'll know this is caused by my packed schedule.
It's hard to keep me upright, it isn't an easy task to be done with, for me it's practically a deadweight. I had no idea of catching up the leeway of studies and working, even anything. If I were happened to be granted for 48hours per day, it'd eventually coming out with the same things, stepping on the same leeway.
I could have been finish up all the assignments or the logo and banners of PR events days ago, actually it was already done, but came out with crap that being rejected 'profusely'. SORRY ALL MY COMRADES. I did not comprehend what's the actual wanting, was it my silly skills on handling those miscellaneous? I questioned myself.

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