Friday, May 27, 2011

Different Quomodo

We went to a abruptly meet up, with a junior in secondary school before. That was an undecided engagement that we had no lead in mind whether where to dine and eventually it was Hong Yuan, somewhere around upper Penang road.

We had 5persons and there were only 3chairs so I asked an English couple next to our table, "Is there anyone sitting here?". They did not scent me, I tried to hint them by waving my hands, finally they got me. So I asked again that question and they replied "Okay, you can take it."

I started to wonder why they did not realize me in the first place, was it the broad accent problem? NO, I try to speak in their tone yet they only realized I was speaking to them for the second time. Or they know they aren't in their motherland, they do not bother what's going on alertly.

En route home from junior's dwelling, he sent us a message which is roughly like this "must accompany me more, it was so touching. or I'll keep on being alone in my room". Yea, I got it why that couple did not realize in the first place, they were just couldn't find their feet as in what happened to my junior.

This is the different cultural causing.

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